One-day in-person registrations include food only on your selected day. All multi-day in-person registrations include:

THURSDAY EVENING: opening ceremony, light refreshments
FRIDAY: morning coffee and light breakfast, coffee breaks, bagged lunch, dinner buffet
SATURDAY: morning coffee and light breakfast, coffee breaks, lunch buffet, dinner buffet
SUNDAY MORNING: morning coffee and light breakfast

UVSS Catering is not an allergen-free facility and cannot guarantee against cross-contamination.

All food will be labelled with ingredients.

All meals include vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. All lunch and dinners include meat options. 


In addition to gender-specific facilities, UVic and the Student Union Building (SUB) have multiple bathroom options including gender-inclusive multi-stall and single-stall facilities. Visit UVic's "All-gender washrooms" website to locate all-gender washrooms throughout campus.

The Student Union Building (SUB) has the following facilities:

1. Two multi-stall gender-inclusive washrooms (right outside the conference rooms)
2. One set of gender-specific washrooms in Cinecenta (movie theatre down the hall from the conference rooms)
3. One set of gender-specific washrooms in the lower level of the SUB (down staircase/elevator from the conference rooms)



All online registrants will have access to closed captioning within Zoom. For in-person registrants, large screens will display the session's Zoom closed captioning to the physical room. 

Bi-directional translated captions will also be available through Zoom. This feature is currently available for the following languages: French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese (Simplified)(Beta), Russian, Japanese (Beta), Korean (Beta), Dutch, Ukrainian.


The conference buildings on campus are accessible to those with mobility needs. Please see UVic's campus accessibility map.

Other University of Victoria maps:


Hotel Zed is the official hotel for MTHF23.

Hotel Zed is committed to creating a safe, and welcoming place where anybody is welcome, seen and heard.

For more information, please refer to the following documents:


We hope to provide subsidies to all those in need.  If you cannot afford the other registration types, and wish to request a registration subsidy, please select this "Subsidized" option on our registration website, complete the form, click "Submit Registration," and then close the internet browser window. Organizers will review your request and will contact you within seven business days.


  • UVic is a Scent-Free space
  • Most conference venues are lit by a mixture of sunlight from external windows, and internal florescent lighting
  • A "chill room" will be available in the Upper Lounge.  The room will be designated as a quiet zone and will have low indirect lighting with comfortable seating.