Coronavirus (COVID-19)


SAVE THE DATE! We are happy to announce that the next Moving Trans History Forward conference will be March 11-14, 2021, at the Victoria Conference Centre, Victoria, BC, Canada.


On March 11th, the WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic. It is with great disappointment that we are postponing the Moving Trans History Forward conference, April 2nd-5th, 2020.  Many people are afraid to travel and we have decided that the prudent thing to do is to not cause anyone to feel that they are at greater risk because of MTHF. We are working towards a new Spring 2021 date.

If you are registered for the conference we will follow shortly with information regarding refunds.   If you’ve graciously donated to the conference, we will also be in touch shortly to discuss how you would like your donation used, or returned to you.

Moving Trans History Forward has become a biennial international conference, in large part because our community is global.  While other conferences may be able to move to an online format, that’s not who we are. Our conferences serve as invaluable opportunities for community activists, academics, artists, and allies from around the globe to come together for several days of face-to-face personal interaction.

Moving Trans History Forward is a special conference to our community.  It generates a sense of friendship and connection that we’ve been repeatedly told is unique to our conference.  There’s a sense of magic created from being together in our TNB2+ space.  We are sorry for the inconvenience and stress that this situation has caused you, and we know that you’ll agree that safeguarding everyone’s health comes first.

In the near future, we will be sending out information about the 2021 conference. We look forward to welcoming everyone to Victoria in 2021, so that we can continue to move trans history forward, together.


We know that many of you are concerned about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and are wondering how this may affect Moving Trans History Forward.

Canada remains largely unaffected by Coronavirus.   Current official expert opinion rates Canada’s risk level as low.  

Greater Victoria remains a safe, welcoming destination for meetings, events, and conferences, as well as leisure travelers.

The conference venue, Victoria Conference Centre, will be taking the following measures to support the health and safety of our guests. These include:

  • 14 portable hand sanitizing stations available to guests throughout the centre, including in washrooms
  • Hand washing signs have been placed in each washroom
  • “Touch points” in the facility will be sanitized approximately every 20-minutes
  • Nanoseptic door handle wraps & self-cleaning elevator buttons are in use (mineral nanocrystals react to light to create an oxidation reaction stronger than bleach, continuously breaking down any organic contaminants)

While we want to foster a warm and friendly environment, for your protection, we also want to discourage handshakes and hugs.  Thank you for your understanding.

While we are not in control of this public health issue, we are doing everything we can to be prepared and to address the health and safety of our guests. For further information, please visit:

Public Health Agency of Canada   

BC Centre of Disease Control