Explanation of our pricing

We want everyone who wants to come to MTHF to be able to come.  A primary goal for us is to be as open and accessible as possible.  That’s why our registration options are trying to accommodate people from all economic situations, and that’s also why we are asking everyone who can, to make an extra contribution, so that everyone who needs a subsidy can have one. 
See full details and to apply:

For those who have attended our conferences in the past, you may be wondering why registration fees have increased.  Please let us explain.  Since our first conference in 2014, the University of Victoria campus has been our home, where we’ve enjoyed discounted room rentals and food costs.  However, the conference has grown beyond what the campus can accommodate, and we’ve had to look for an off-campus venue. We found that the only venue in the area that can accommodate our needs is the Victoria Conference Centre. While holding the conference downtown is in some ways more convenient, this relocation has resulted in a substantial increase in all of our costs.  In order to keep the conference viable now and into the future, we are actively fundraising to help keep registration fees as low as possible, and we’ve also had to raise the fees for those who can afford it. 
The biggest part of the increased cost of the new venue is our contractual obligation to use the one food caterer associated with the Conference Centre. We considered and rejected the option of not including meals with conference registration because we believe that an important part of the community feeling that people value in our conference is served by keeping everybody together in one place throughout the entire conference. We were concerned that if people had to leave the conference venue in order to get meals, they would lose the magic of being together in our TNB2+ space.
Thank you to all of you who can help out by making an extra contribution, and if you need a subsidy, please don’t hesitate to complete the form requesting one. Everyone is welcome!