2021 Teaching Award in Medical Sciences

Dr. Brian Christie, Ph.D. -- Recipient of the 2021 Teaching Award in Medical Sciences (TAMS)


Dr. Christie is a full-time​ faculty member with the Division of Medical Sciences (DMS). He teaches in the Undergraduate Medical Program (being a CBL Tutor in Years 1&2) and in the Neuroscience Graduate Program. Dr. Christie has supervised numerous Undergraduate Students (Directed-Studies and Honours), Graduate Students (Masters and PhD), as well as Post-Doctoral Fellows, who have conducted Neuroscience projects in his Laboratory at the DMS.  Dr. Christie was described by students, trainees and colleagues as an engaging scientist and respected mentor, who provides numerous opportunities for his students and trainees to engage in experiential learning by continuously inspiring their interest  in medicine and neuroscience. 

Congratulations, Dr. Christie!!