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Role of sex and interferon in microglia migration

By tracking the movements of individual microglia in mature brains, Dr. Craig Brown, former post-doctoral fellow and first author Roobina Boghozian, and other members of the Brown Lab (Sorabh Sharma, Kamal Narayan, and Manjinder Cheema) have discovered that these movements and their molecular regulation show striking differences depending on the sex of the subject. They describe their findings in a paper recently published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.

Neurotracker program at VBIS

Following two years of successful patient-focused research by PhD candidate Taylor Snowden-Richardson and other members of the Christie Lab, the Victoria Brain Injury Society instituted a permanent Neurotracker program for its clients. Undergraduate student Jamie Morrison will use a BranchOut Neurological Foundation grant to study the program implementation.