Graduate research

Tiffany Chan
English graduate student Tiffany Chan received a SSHRC grant and Charles and Ruth Hayward Scholarship to help fund her MA in English.

As a graduate student in the Faculty of Humanities, you will be able to work with world-class scholars working in fields as various as digital humanities, Indigenous language revitalization, Asian theater and film, gender and sexuality, and Victorian drama. Our faculty members are committed to training, teaching and mentoring graduate students who are an integral part of our faculty.

There are more than 100 full-time graduate students working towards their MA and PhD degrees. They go on to win awards, become prominent scholars, policy makers, and leaders.

Get help with research grant applications and procedures

If you are a senior undergraduate or graduate student applying for funding from SSHRC, the Faculty of Graduate Studies offers a grantscrafting service.

If you are seeking funding from other sources to carry out your research and need help preparing and submitting an application, contact your academic unit’s graduate adviser.