Diary of Robert Graves

The Diary of Robert Graves (1935-39) project includes 1546 pages including 117 enclosures: letters, clippings, photographs, post cards, notes, games, etc.

The Graves' Diary project's objective is to produce the first scholarly edition in print and electronic form of this unpublished diary. One of the issues in this project was successfully representing abstracts, enclosures and other peculiar features of the composition of the original documents.

The HCMC created the database and search interface using XML-based technologies. The raw XML data is available on the search engine site. The site allows you to search by date range or text string. Technologies used include XQuery, eXist, Cocoon, Tomcat.

We are currently working on a longer-lasting version of this site as part of the Endings project.

PI: Elizabeth Grove-White, European Studies