Find your edge in UVic's Faculty of Humanities.

The humanities are concerned with the complex, ever-evolving questions of what it means to be human. The humanities equip us to make critical and difficult choices, to recognize the difference between what is right and what is easy, and to take responsibility for our choices. 

The Faculty of Humanities offers a number of courses that reflect our values, mission and strengths. 


Courses - Fall 2020 


Humanities and the Making of the Intellectual Life - 
HUMA 120A A01

With Dr. Michael Reed

From the Greco-Roman through the Medieval and Renaissance periods, a survey of intellectual inquiry and of its traditions, including philosophy, religion, literature, art, music, mathematics, physics and astronomy. Explores the world of ideas which shaped our ways of thinking and of living together. Scholars from a number of disciplines contribute.

Dean's Seminar: Discovering Humanities Research - HUMA 295 A01

With Professor Alex D'Arcy

Being human is complicated. The Humanities are concerned with questions about what
it means to be human, and research is the systematic inquiry into these questions.
Through guest lectures and discussion of key readings from the disciplines represented
by the Faculty of Humanities, this seminar explores the nature, issues, and methods of
contemporary research in the Humanities. The course introduces outstanding first-year
Humanities students to leading current research and researchers from across the faculty.
Students engage first-hand with humanities projects, in the form of a practicum, and by
conducting their own investigation within the Faculty, they examine the themes that
unite Humanities research across disciplines and fields of humanistic inquiry.

Conceptions of Justice and Engaged Pedagogy - 
HUMA 495 A01 

With Associate Professor Audrey Yap

This will be a class on justice and pedagogy taught both at UVic and in the Right Living Unit at Wilkinson Jail.  Students will have one class a week on campus and one class a week at the jail, participating in course activities alongside inmates.  There will be two general types of readings: some on the transformative power of pedagogy for social justice, and some on conceptions of justice and the nature of just societies.


Courses - Spring 2021


Post-Medieval Humanities and the Making of the Modern Mind - HUMA 120B 

With Dr. Michael Reed

From 1500 to the present, a survey of the main questions about the world, humankind, science and society as they have been addressed by scholars, scientists and artists. Explores how challenges to authority built the modern world and defined progress, doubt, individuality, equity and plurality. Scholars from a number of disciplines contribute.