News and events

Special year-long ATWP writing course coming 2022/23

In Fall 2022, the Academic and Technical Writing Program (ATWP) will pilot a year-long “stretch” writing course (for a total of 3.0 units) by linking a Fall 2022 section of ATWP 101, Fundamentals of Academic Literacy, to a reduced-cap Spring 2023 section of ATWP 135, Academic Reading and Writing. Meet the Academic Writing Requirement (AWR) in a gradual, holistic way, with a community of peers.

ATWP 500: Teaching Academic and Technical Writing

New graduate course coming this summer: ATWP 500 Teaching Academic and Technical Writing. This new course introduces research-based approaches to writing pedagogy and provides graduate students with the skills necessary to teach academic and technical writing. This course will be particularly appropriate for current TAs and future higher ed course instructors.

REACH Awards - Recognizing research and teaching excellence

We are thrilled to announce that our own Dr. Tim Personn has won the Gilian Sherwin Alumni Award for Excellence in Teaching! Nominated by colleagues and students, we congratulate Dr. Personn on his tremendous achievement. For more information on the award, please visit

BCcampus Award for Excellence in Open Education

The Academic and Technical Writing Program is pleased to announce that Dr. Sara Humphreys, ATWP 135 course coordinator has received the BCcampus Award for Excellence in Open Education. Sara is a fantastic ambassador for all aspects of open education. She brings her enthusiasm for OER to her learning environments and to the way that she mentors colleagues. We are very proud to have Sara as part of the Academic and Technical Writing team.