A Bioregional Approach to the Future of Our Shared Region

Joe Brewer and the Design School for Regenerating Earth

Joe Brewer has a unique background in physics, math, philosophy, atmospheric science, complexity, and cognitive linguistics. More than a decade ago, he left the academy to trail blaze a path for other practitioners to follow. His 2021 book “The Design Pathway for Regenerating Earth” offers a clear and cogent pathway for safeguarding humanity’s future through an extended period of cascading crises.
Recently he has founded the Design School for Regenerating Earth, which works on the ground in bioregions to support people in organizing themselves around holistic, integrated landscapes known as bioregions, while connecting those bioregions into a planetary network of learning exchanges.

Joe and his colleagues are on a tour of the Cascadia Bioregion, having previously toured the Great Lakes and Colorado River Bioregions.

They are bringing people together to design and implement new frameworks of governance, ecology, and economy for the regeneration and health of our bioregions.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 24 7:30 - 9 pm PT