Fall 2023 elective - ADMN 548

ADMN 548 - Governance for Planetary Health

On-campus Tuesdays 4:30pm-7:20pm

Instructor: Dr Heather Castleden
UVic Impact Chair in Transformative Governance for Planetary Health

*Certified CIFAL Victoria Course*

Our home is in crisis and there is no Planet B. Students taking this course will gain foundational understandings of Planetary Health, drawing on Indigenous, western, and other knowledge systems.

Students examine and compare current types of Planetary Health projects and governance structures, exploring the extent to which these projects and structures are supporting our abilities to achieve local-to-global social-ecological justice.

Topics include historiography of Planetary Health, socio-political power dynamics, relationality to the land, colonial violence, Indigenous resistance and resurgence, as well as pathways, policy solutions, and change-making action for Planetary Health.

Students completing this course will earn a United Nations accredited CIFAL Victoria Certificate along with course credit.

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