Dr. Sarah Marie Wiebe - keynote CPSA

Dr. Sarah Marie Wiebe
, Assistant Professor
School of Public Administration

Dr. Sarah Marie Wiebe will be delivering the keynote address and is part of a panel alongside Dr. McCulloch, Dr. Bird, Dr. Choquette and Dr. Thompson for a special event at the CPSA's (Canadian Political Science Association) 2023 Annual Conference hosted at York University.

Date: May 31 | Time: 03:15pm to 05:15pm | Location: Lecture Hall – ACW 109 HYBRID / hybride

This session convenes a panel discussion between scholars whose research, pedagogy, and engagement with the discipline intersects with the overarching conference theme of Territory, Place and Power. A theme of Territory, Place, and Power invites us to reflect on our relationships with territory and land, to reimagine our conceptions of place and belonging, and to interrogate the role of power in how we navigate these relations and spaces in a time of global tumult. The panel showcases leading-edge scholarship in this area, considers different methodological and epistemological perspectives on the theme, and invites a wider conversation on our disciplinary responsibilities, priorities, and future directions.