Special Issue of Journal Focuses on Indigenous Governance & Public Administration

The December issue of the Journal of Canadian Public Administration/ Administration publique du Canada, edited by Prof. Evert Lindquist, is a special issue focusing on Indigenous governance and public administration. Among the authors are three graduates of the School’s PhD program (noted in bold).

  • Financial capacity of First Nations in Canada - Kathy Brock, Andrea Migone
  • Spinning wheels: Surmounting the Indian Act’s impact on traditional Indigenous governance - Terry Lynn Poucette
  • Maintaining accountability between levels of governance in Indigenous economic development: Examples from British Columbia, Canada -  Ngaio Hotte, Harry Nelson, Tim Hawkins, Stephen Wyatt, Robert Kozak
  • Issues of independence in Northern Aboriginal‐state co‐management boards - Graham White
  • Understanding consultation and engagement of Indigenous Peoples in resource development: A policy framing approach - Brendan Boyd, Sophie Lorefice
  • Municipal‐Indigenous relations in Saskatchewan: Getting started in Regina, Saskatoon and Prince Albert - Joanne Heritz
  • From self‐determination to service delivery: Assessing Indigenous inclusion in municipal governance in Canada - Joanne Heritz
  • Struggling toward Indigenous representation and service improvement within the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development - Jane Rousseau

View the articles online through: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/toc/17547121/2018/61/4