Graduate Certificate in Evaluation Being Offered for the Government of the Northwest Territories

2015 cohort

Front row, left to right: Dawn Moses, Terri Berens, Renalyn Pascua-Matte, Erin Shea,  Lindsey Oosenbrug-Trinh, Jessica Relucio, Amanda Feltham, Kelly Lange-Knox, Sally Card
Second row, right to left: Sigrún Geirsdotter and Mellissa Wood
Third row, right to left: Shane Thompson, Arusa Shafi, Shelley Kapraelian, Deb Bain, Jim McDavid, Rob Shepherd, Katarina Carthew, Jonathon Michel, Kam So, Erin Beaton, Hayley Maddeaux-Young
Missing: Curtis Brown and Tom Aikman

Jim McDavid (School of Public Administration) and Rob Shepherd (School of Public Policy and Administration at Carleton University) recently co-instructed a two-day face-to-face workshop (February 19-20 in Yellowknife) as part of the first course in the UVic Graduate Certificate in Evaluation that is being offered to a cohort of public servants in the Government of the Northwest Territories.

The four-course program is being offered collaboratively – Rob Shepherd was approached by the GNWT over a year ago to explore the possibility of offering a graduate evaluation program in the Northwest Territories and because UVic offers its four course Graduate Certificate in Evaluation in an online format, discussions led to the program being hosted at UVic.  Both UVic (School of Public Administration) and Carleton (School of Public Policy and Administration) are members of the Consortium of Universities for Evaluation Education (CUEE) and this project exemplifies the value of collaboration among providers of graduate evaluation education in Canada.

The GNWT program will be offered between now and December 2016 – class members are all admitted to the UVic Faculty of Graduate Studies and a key product from the work they will do in the four courses are completed evaluations of actual GNWT programs. This semester, the student teams are designing their program evaluation projects and in subsequent courses will be acquiring knowledge and skills they can apply to completing these projects.