Mapping Women's World: GIS and the Case of Breast Cancer in the US

Read Dr. Khadijeh Rouzbehani's article about GIS and the case of breast cancer in the US in this month's edition of International Journal of Public Health Management and Ethics.

Feminist geography and geographic information system(GIS) have been the most dynamic research areas over the last decade. Unfortunately, high breast cancer mortality rates have been reported in the northern part of the United States, with recent attention focused on the northern part of the United States. In this article, the authors investigate whether such a high rate of breast cancer is evenly spread in northern parts. The purpose of this article is to provide a more detailed analysis of the breast cancer distribution in the United States by comparing the spatial distribution of breast cancer cases against physical environmental factors using Geographic Information System (GIS). Further, it gives background information to the GIS and its applications in health-related research.