spring 2022 graduate elective: Governance for Planetary Health

Dr. Heather Castleden, who joined the School in summer 2020, will be delivering a new online graduate elective course in Spring 2022: Governance for Planetary Health (ADMN 548 Special Topics in Public Policy, CRN 24118). 

The course description is: Provides students with a foundational understanding of Planetary Health from an interdisciplinary lens. Focuses on conceptualizing transformative governance strategies that embrace diverse worldviews concerning the environmental, political, economic, social and cultural dimensions of achieving social-ecological justice, health, equity, and well-being. Explores pathways and policy solutions at local, regional, national and global scales for reconciling natural and human systems.

Registration is currently open for this course, with registration preference given to graduate students of the School of Public Administration. Students who need assistance in registering for this course are asked to contact Ms. Judy Selina through for further information.