Graduate supervision

Academic supervisors

Students are assigned Supervisors at the time of admission.The academic supervisor provides assistance in selecting a research topic, methodology, and committee members. They also assist with the process of writing and defending the research. In particular, they must be aware of the calendar regulations and provide guidance on the nature of research, the standards expected, the adequacy of progress, and the quality of work.

The academic supervisor should maintain contact with the student through mutually agreed-upon regular meetings and be accessible to give advice and constructive criticism. Supervisors who expect to be absent from the university for an extended period of time are responsible for making suitable arrangements with the student and the departmental graduate adviser for the continued supervision of the student. They may also ask the department to nominate another supervisor. Such absences and the resulting arrangements must be communicated to the Dean of Graduate Studies.

Note: In case of dispute between the student and the supervisor, the SCYC graduate adviser should be consulted.

Contact the graduate program assistant as soon as committee members are selected and/or any changes have been made to your supervisory committee so that your student record can be updated.

Responsibilities in the supervisory relationship

For a more thorough description of the responsibilities in the supervisory relationship, please visit the Graduate Studies site and the Graduate Calendar.

You should also read the SCYC responsibilities in the supervisory relationship policy.