PhD candidacy exams

General regulations

The candidacy examination is a requirement of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and cannot be waived.

You will normally need to pass a candidacy examination within 36 months of registration as a provisional doctoral student and at least six months before your final oral examination.

See program requirements, doctoral degrees in the calendar

SCYC candidacy papers

As the calendar says, "the purpose of the candidacy examination is to test the student's understanding of material considered essential to completion of a PhD and/or the student's competence to do research that will culminate in the PhD dissertation."

You will prepare and submit two substantive papers: one focused on the content and theory of your area of study and the other on research methodologies. Each will be related to your area and topic of interest. You will be expected to complete the papers accoding to Faculty of Graduate Studies regulations.

Oral defence

Each candidacy paper will be examined at an oral defence attended by your supervisory committee. You will give a short (maximum 20 minutes) presentation followed by questions from the committee. These questions can be about the candidacy papers and substantive content in the field of child and youth care.

Your supervisor will chair the process, which normally includes two rounds of questions and discussion. The committee will adjudicate the results as complete/incomplete.

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