Getting along

A video miniseries to help you improve your relationships at work.

This video series was developed to support the return to campus process in Fall 2021, but many of the concepts remain relevant to our current remote and hybrid workforce.

Join hosts Sarah Hood (MA Leadership, Certified Executive Coach, Director of Organization Development & Learning Services) and Karissa Sovdi (MC, Registered Clinical Counsellor, HR Program & Projects Manager) for a video mini-series centred around what we each can do to get along better with our colleagues. Each short (15 minute) episode will tackle a common workplace relationship issue and introduce a concept or model that can be useful for reflecting and proceeding more mindfully.

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Getting Along Episode 1 - Having the Energy to Get Along

Wondering why you have less energy than usual to practice your workplace communication skills? Sarah and Karissa discuss how to renew and maximize our energy by consciously determining what is within our Circle of Control.

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Getting Along Episode 2 – Having the Courage to Get Along

Why is it important to have the conversations that you really just want to avoid? Sarah and Karissa discuss how to talk yourself into having necessary difficult conversations using the concept of Pinch/Crunch.

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Download the Job Aid: Pinch Crunch Job Aid

Getting Along Episode 3 – Having the Trust to Get Along

How can you build trust with your colleagues? Sarah and Karissa discuss how we can build relationships with small intentional actions over time using a concept of the Emotional Bank Account / Trust Bucket.

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Getting Along Episode 4 – Having the Skills to Get Along

How do I start a conversation I’ve been avoiding? Sarah and Karissa use the Experience Cube to discuss various ways we can gain clarity around ours and others’ experiences and enter into respectful conversations that lead to better understanding.

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Getting Along Episode 5 - Having the Patience to Get Along

How can I stop myself from jumping to conclusions? Sarah and Karissa review the Ladder of Inference and discuss how we and walk ourselves out of making up stories about people’s intentions and behaviours.

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Getting Along Episode 6 - Having the Self-Control to Get Along

How can I catch myself from slipping into blaming and complaining? Sarah and Karissa discuss the concept of “Living Above the Line” and holding ourselves accountable for contributing to a respectful workplace.

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Getting Along Episode 7 - Having the Time to Get Along

How can I make more time for relationship building? Sarah and Karissa talk about the strategic importance of making time to work on relationships even when seemingly more urgent issues arise, by reflecting on the Time Matrix.

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Getting Along Episode 8 - Fighting to Get Along

Why do we need (constructive) conflict to get along? Using the 5 Behaviours of a Cohesive Team model, Sarah and Karissa explore how getting along is not about maintaining a false sense of peace, but about working together across difference even when it’s uncomfortable. By normalizing healthy conflict we create the conditions for true collaboration and necessary change. 

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