Master in Management

UVic Master of Management

Everything has changed

Tired of the status quo? You’ve come to the right place. We are looking for students are who passionate about making a difference in the world. This program is for those who understand that a healthy bottom line means finding solutions that work for organizations as well as people and the planet. This is values-based learning, this is you being empowered to ask more of your industry leaders, this is you understanding how to bring about the change we need for a better tomorrow. 

This is an accelerated program for accelerated times – offering recent non-business degree graduates a 12-month master’s degree in experiential learning required to create positive and impactful change. Individuals who seek to climb the traditional corporate ladder need not apply. The fundamentals of business and organizational needs have changed drastically. We are seeking creative problem solvers, nimble thinkers and collaborative minds who come from non-business backgrounds to help meet these new demands. 

Not your average business program

This is a critical moment for society everywhere. We need skilled people who can tackle complex societal issues, business disruption, emerging disciplines and changing industry demand. Whether it be government, NGOs, NFPs or for profits, the most desirable candidates of tomorrow’s workforce will understand how to succeed in diverse organizational settings with strategic thinking, holistic perspective and exceptional communication skills.

Are you ready to refine your skill set and start your journey with us? Learn more about your journey through the UVic Master in Management program.