Student activities

Kopi Luwak, look out!

Like many students, David Lin thinks java deserves its own food group. So in the fall of 2010, when the third-year BCom students were given the choices for their team projects, David’s bunch opted for the coffee industry.

Once the project was over, the idea kept percolating in David’s mind. He decided to do more research, to find out if the idea he was brewing could reduce pollution, waste, and water consumption while saving money and improving profits.

Once the experts agreed on the feasibility of his concept of processing beans by bacteria, David honed his two-minute spiel for Pitch It, Gustavson’s UVic-wide business-pitch competition.

“I had to do the pitch twice,” he explains. “Once for the sustainability category and once for the general category.”

The goal-directed undergrad knew what he wanted, though.

“I was aiming for the sustainability portion,” says the recycler, composter, and hybrid driver.

But even when he’d taken home $300 and first place in the Sustainability class, David wasn’t finished.

Next, his friend and BCom colleague Michael Doyle joined him for the campus-wide Plan It contest. The pair prepped and presented a 20-page business plan and once again garnered the big prize – this time, the Best Social Entrepreneurship Plan.

And $1,500! Because the best business plans deliver profit as well as good deeds.