Earth Day Activities

Earth Day, April 22nd, is dedicated to celebrating clean, natural resources, taking care of the planet, and restoring destructive human impact on the environment. At Gustavson, sustainability is at the fore front of our values. We are one of the first carbon-neutral business schools in the world and contain UVic's first intra-faculty centre, the Centre for Social and Sustainable Innovation (CSSI).

The CSSI's goal is to accelerate social and sustainable learning both inside and outside the classroom, and focus on building a better world for our future. We guide and the Gustavson School of Business toward regenerative sustainability by focusing on research, education, community, and culture. 

In honour of Earth Day, the CSSI is hosting events for staff and faculty the week of April 18th. Stay tuned for more information! 

You can visit our featured TED Talk for Earth Day here

The Great Gustavson Earth Day Scavenger Hunt! This scavenger hunt is designed for staff, faculty, and students to highlight sustainability initiatives around campus and celebrate UVic’s efforts and contributions toward a greener future.

Participants will receive a list of either objects or locations around campus they must try to find. Once found, participants will take a picture with the object or at the location. After they find as many places on the list as possible, submissions are sent in and prize winners will be announced the following week. 

Stay tuned for winners to be announced!


The CSSI is delighted to announce the pleasure of hosting a double-feature of research talks on Earth day! We have two very special guests lined up for staff and faculty:


To begin, we will have M. Tina Dacin – Professor & Stephen J.R. Smith Chair of Strategy & Organizational Behaviour from Queen’s University:

She will be discussing her paper on How Islands Craft and Hold Traditions: Place and Institutional Custodianship. In their research, Tina examined how institutions tied to geographical regions created custodians of those intuitions. She looked at Fogo Island, NL and the Outer Hebrides for examples.

Following Tina, we have a talk from Dr. Diego Coraiola – an Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship here at the Gustavson School of Business:

He will be discussing his paper on Painful memories as mnemonic resources: Grand Canyon Dories and the protection of place. In their research, they draw primarily on oral history interviews to explore how Martin Litton and Grand Canyon Dorie use sensory, discursive, and material-discursive modalities to convert painful memories into mnemonic resources through the performance of three practices: sensitizing, retelling, and reincarnating.


UVic takes pride in it’s abundance of green space around campus. These green spaces are teeming with plant species and home to over 40 species of trees.

To celebrate the trees and provide education about the various species UVic is home to, the CSSI is hosting a tree walk during Earth Week. We challenge staff and faculty to identify as many trees as they can on their own, with some help from our guide, Alex. We have a diverse population of trees with various origins, and some even being unique to the West Coast only! 

The CSSI is hosting a planting event during earth week, to encourage people to learn how to plant seeds. By learning how to plant and care for flowers, this knowledge can be transferred into other greenhouse projects.

Sunflowers are not only vibrant in colour. The nectar of the flower attract birds and bees, and they can even absorb heavy metals from the ground, detoxifying the soil. They look lovely in a bouquet, and also provide edible seeds (Which can also be replanted for new flowers!).