Frank Wing Memorial Bursary


Frank Wing was born in Vancouver, BC, where he grew up and took training as a draftsman. Frank was a very disciplined and orderly sort of person. Everything had its place, including education. He supported the education of his nieces and nephews. Frank was devoted to his family. As a bachelor, he spent much time with his brothers, sisters, and supported the families in their endeavours. He was a substitute parent when an extra adult was needed.

Frank served in World War II. A photo of him in his uniform sat proudly in the dining room of the family home. After the war, he worked for many years as a draftsman. However, his passions were the arts, theatre, opera and he loved to sing! He enjoyed the company of people in the arts, and often sang, and participated in the choir. Frank travelled, and worked in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. These cities gave him the opportunity to enjoy arts and culture. Never that far from any family, Frank was there if you needed him. Frank passed away before his time, leaving many memories with his family.

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