Alan Wong Memorial Bursary in Engineering

Alan Alexander Wong was born at St. George’s Hospital in Alert Bay on May 5th, 1983. Alan grew up in Alert Bay where he enjoyed playing sports and fishing with his friends and siblings.  He was also a member in a number of organizations, including Cubs, Scouts, and the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary.  Alan was always there to help out his family and friends.

Alan spent the last 5 years of his life studying at the University of Victoria in the Mechanical Engineering Program.  With his strong work ethic, high moral values, trusty sidekick (Twin Brother William), and good friends it was no surprise that Alan excelled in his studies. Alan exemplified the morals of an engineer.  He refused to submit bad or faulty workmanship, refused to pass judgment, and most importantly was never jealous or belittling of his equals or his betters.  Alan took pride in the work he did and would always go out of his way to make sure things were right.

This award is possible through generous contributions from his family, friends, and colleagues.  It is our most sincere hope that this award will allow deserving students from the North Island Communities the opportunity to share in the same joys and struggles that are inherent with Engineering;  the same ones that Alan willingly and enthusiastically embraced.

Though his life was short; it was full of happiness, and laughter.  Alan died in a tragic car accident on his way to work in Fort McMurray on December 4th 2006.  He is survived by his parents Chuck and May Wong, brothers Jason, Steven and sister Jane, and twin brother William.

Alan’s infectious laughter and constant pranks, kindness and eagerness have left a lasting impression and great memories in the minds of those who knew him.  Alan will be greatly missed by his friends and family.

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