Anne and Ivor Williams Spain and Latin America Scholarship

Both Anne and Ivor were raised and educated in England. Anne completed her Nursing degree in 1948 at Middlesex Hospital London and Ivor earned his medical degree from Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge in 1951. They met while working at Middlesex Hospital and married in 1950.

The Williams moved to Victoria, BC, in 1955. Between 1959 and 1962, Dr. Williams completed anesthesiology residencies in Liverpool, England, and Vancouver, BC. After his retirement in 1976 from an active anesthesiology practice, Dr. Williams lived and practiced medicine in Morelia, Mexico for 10 years at the Hospital Infantil. 

From this experience his love for the Spanish language and Latin American countries grew and lead him to audit courses with the Hispanic and Italian Studies Department upon his return to Victoria. He emolled in his first course in 1988 and pursued at least one course per term for the next 25 years, sometimes taking the same course more than once. His studies spanned the spectrum of the department's literature and culture courses as well as courses in Latin American history.

Well-known within the department, faculty recall him as one of the most engaged students in their classes. Ivor acknowledges the splendid leadership ofDrs. Gregory Andrachuk, Elena Rossi, Lloyd Howard, Pablo Restrepo-Gautier and Beatriz de Alba Koch, all of whom served as department chairs during his years of study.

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