Victoria Real Estate Board Bursary/Scholarship

The Victoria Real Estate Board was established by a group of REALTORS, to maintain professional standards and to serve members of the Board and the public. The non-profit group has been active since 1921.
The Board serves the interests of members by encouraging and maintaining a high level of professionalism, and by providing an efficient service of up-to-date real estate information distribution. As well, the Board aims to provide strong leadership in the real estate industry and in the community, while protecting public interests.
The objectives of the Society:
a) to encourage, advance and promote interest in the marketing of real estate in all its aspects and in such a manner as to obtain, hold and increase confidence and respect of owners and purchasers of real estate.
b) to encourage the study of real estate in all its aspects and to promote the exchange of views between the Members of the Society by affording opportunities for discussion, correspondence and attendance at lectures, for the reading of papers, and to disseminate useful information by circulation among the Members of publications, data and forms.
c) to institute, promote and manage and maintain systems and plans for the listing and sale of real estate, with the object of rendering the best possible service to the general public for the purchase and sale of real estate through the Members of the Society by providing vendors of real estate with a wide potential market and by providing purchasers of real estate with a broad selection of properties from which to choose.
d) to make grants and donations out of the income or funds of the Society for charitable or educational purposes, whether or not related to or calculated to promote the purposes of the Society.
e) to assist and encourage the development of Victoria so as to best promote the
well-being and prosperity of its inhabitants.
f) to adopt a code of ethics and high standard of business conduct which all Members and their employees shall be required to conform.
The Victoria Real Estate Board Scholarship was established to assist dependents of members of the Board.
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