Vancouver Island Compassion Society Cannabis and Psychedelic Studies Scholarship

The Vancouver Island Compassion Society (VICS) was founded in 1999 with the goal of providing safe access to medical cannabis for Canadians with critical or chronic conditions that might benefit from its use. Informed by the principles of patient-centered advocacy, harm reduction, and new social movement theory, the VICS was the first dispensary in the world to lead, host and publish academic studies on therapeutic applications for cannabis, patient patterns of use, and the impact of medical cannabis on the use of other substances.

Over its many years of service, the VICS became a highly sought after practicum placement for UVic nursing students, and a nexus for community-based research and patient advocacy. It is in keeping with the remarkable strength, courage and forward-thinking spirit of the VICS patients and staff that the VICS Cannabis and Psychedelic Studies Scholarship was founded; we sincerely hope it will help a new generation of progressive academics and advocates continue and expand upon the good work and research conducted at the Vancouver Island Compassion Society over its two decades of service. 

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