Victoria B4B Entrepreneurship Award

Victoria B4B (Business 4 Business) is a collection of Victoria entrepreneurs who have formed an independent referral/networking group to share business ideas and connections. This group is made up of businesses who are mainly not affiliated with a parent company or part of a larger corporate structure, but are unique and specific to greater Victoria; particularly in the financial areas our members can be part of a larger structure, but are independently operated businesses. Their weekly meetings include "roundtable" discussions on business, financial and social issues that affect each of us in general and, at times, one of us specifically. These discussions are all built on the contributions of the group as a whole and result in shared "educational tools." Victoria is a town of networkers and connections. The entrepreneurs share opportunities for work and utilize the services they share as a group. Their mandate is to "connect like-minded individuals to help build each other's business through personal introductions and providing opportunities through facilitated conversation. We choose to refer to businesses who we know to have demonstrated reliable, proven results."

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