TELUS Friendly Future Foundation Social Impact Bursary

A goal at TELUS Friendly Future Foundation is to empower youth to build the skills, confidence and sense of belongingthey need to succeed today and in the future. In an effort to accelerate equitable access to post-secondary education,TELUS Friendly Future Foundation has launched a new student award program. The TELUS Friendly Future FoundationSocial Impact Bursary will be awarded to students experiencing critical financial need who are committed to making adifference in their communities by taking on a social impact project. 

In keeping with our Foundation’s commitment to doing good in our communities and to bringing innovative ideas to life,recipients of the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation Social Impact Bursary are encouraged to undertake a project that willcontribute to positive social, environmental or health outcomes in their communities.

For recipients who commit to a social impact project, we will be leveraging TELUS Friendly Future Foundationopportunities to add value and deepen impact, including offering Bursary and/or Award recipients access to discountedmobile or internet services (where available), mentoring, internships and other career development options.

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