Scales Family Fellowship

Peter Scales served in the Royal Canadian Air Force 1983-2004 during the Cold War and in the early years post-9/11. He finished a BA History in 2001, a BA Philosophy in 2006 and an MA History in 2008.

Peter was raised in Salmon Arm, BC, the fourth generation of Scales in that town. Perhaps because his great-great-grandfather was a Methodist minister and church involvement and leadership were part of every generation before Peter’s, he was raised without religion.

Peter was led to the Centre for Studies in Religion and Society by Dr. Conrad Brunk during a course that included reading and then hosting religious studies scholar Jeffrey Stout. Peter became a Community Sabbaticant at the Centre in 2018 (topic: “View of the Shepherds: Interviews of Experienced Clergy”) and again in 2020 (“Religion in Expo 86 in Vancouver – Controversy, Inclusion, Exclusion”) but this was derailed by Covid19 pandemic and not completed.

Peter accepted the role of Chair of the CSRS Advisory Council on July 1, 2021 until June 30, 2024. In July 2023, Peter wished to show his support for the Centre and its community and established this Fellowship.

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