Satir-Banmen-Lum Counselling Psychology Scholarship

Wendy Lum graduated in 1978 from the UVic Child and Youth Care program. In 1994 she took an intensive Satir family training program by Dr. John Banmen which completely influenced her therapeutic style for years to come. While working full time as a Family Counsellor in a RCMP based agency, Wendy returned to UBC as a mature student for her Master’s in Counselling Psychology in 1995.

Dr. Banmen had studied with Virginia Satir for 18 years and promoted Satir’s Transformational Systemic Therapy. Since 2003, Wendy has been a Counsellor at UVic, Student Wellness Centre, and has also been the Advanced Practicum Coordinator (2008 – 2020) and supervisor (2007 – 2020). Wendy noticed that there were few BIPOC practicum counsellors applying at UVic Counselling. It is Wendy’s sincere desire to support a working BIPOC graduate students in their quest to become a Counsellor.

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