Dr. Kim Stevenson Memorial Award in Anesthesiology (Association of Victoria Anaesthesiologists)

Dr. Kim Stevenson was an integral part of the Victoria Department of Anesthesiology, Pain and Perioperative Medicine from 2002 when he arrived from Saskatchewan. He did his undergraduate training in South Africa and worked as a Family Doctor in Saskatchewan before embarking on a residency in anesthesiology at the University of Saskatchewan.

Very soon after his arrival in Victoria he demonstrated that he had a very special interest and affinity to teaching medical students and residents. Kim was always happy to have a learner with him and they were assured to have an educational, enlightening and entertaining day together. In addition, Kim was a wonderful role model on how treat patients in a kind and compassionate way. His enthusiasm and commitment to medicine and in particular to anesthesiology was no doubt an inspiration to many a student. He was a well-respected member of the anesthesiology department and he would invariably have a kind word and a smile for his colleagues around him.

Kim was site head for obstetrical anesthesia in Victoria and instrumental in instituting a program of ongoing education in this field. In addition he held the position of site head for anesthesia education in Victoria and was responsible for organizing the orientation and assignment of learners during their rotations at Victoria General Hospital. Other than medicine, Kim demonstrated a very well rounded approach to life, something he felt was most important to be a balanced and competent physician. He had a number of interests and hobbies and family was always dear to him.

Kim will long be remembered for what he was: mentor, friend, and physician. The award of this scholarship in his memory will no doubt keep these attributes of Dr Kim Stevenson alive for the deserving recipient.

The Association of Victoria Anesthesiologists represents the professional, business and social interests of its member anesthesiologists working in south Vancouver Island. In doing so, they strive to promote the highest quality of health care; to promote the integrity and honor of the medical profession; and to recognize outstanding contribution and service to the practice of anesthesia. They are pleased to fund this scholarship in memory of their dear friend and colleague Kim Stevenson, whose life and practice embodied the ideals of our society.

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