Darlene Scott Scholarship

Darlene Scott

The preferred recipient of the Darlene Scott Scholarship is a woman returning to study after years of work and/or raising a family. The scholarship is named after Darlene Scott (née Ingham), whose example inspires this award.

In the late 1930’s Darlene began her studies as a nursing student but was unable to complete them because of an allergic reaction to the black stockings that were required wear for nursing students. She never gave up her dream of education and in her late forties began taking university courses through extension at York University, Glendon College.

She had raised four children and was a founder and leader of a network of women’s study groups through her church when she died at age 54 from cancer. All her children became university graduates. Two of her sons have followed her example and returned to school in later life both completing PhDs and her daughter is an acclaimed writer and university faculty member.

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