Bit Quill Technologies Scholarship for Women in Computer Science and Software Engineering

Bit Quill Technologies is a Vancouver-based employee-owned software development services company. At Bit Quill, we develop software for software and technology companies. We believe strongly in empowering our people and creating opportunities for people to develop world-class software in Vancouver. Bit Quill’s core values are teamwork, relationships, excellence and ethics.

The Bit Quill Technologies Scholarship is supported by the Shiraz Rajan Family Endowment Fund which was established at the University of Victoria in 2004. The Rajan family came to Canada in 1973 from East Africa. The three Rajan children—Tazim, Amynmohamed and Salima—all attended university in British Columbia in the 1980s and 1990s. The Rajan family feels that the education provided to their children by the universities in British Columbia greatly assisted their success in life and in their careers. As part of the Rajan family’s Shia Ismaili Muslim faith, and the ethics of giving back to the community and helping others, they have set up this endowment to give back to the University of Victoria, in particular, and the Canadian community in general.

The Rajan family has been very involved in founding and building technology companies in Vancouver including Orbital Technologies, Simba Technologies and Bit Quill Technologies.

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