Trudy & Doug Peden Vikes Women in Sport Award

Doug was inducted into the BC Sports Hall of Fame in 1967 and the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame in 1979 and is considered, with Lionel Conacher, to be one of the top two athletes of the half-century as named in 1950. Doug was an all-round athlete and excelled in track, swimming, tennis, rugby, baseball, basketball and cycling.

Born in Victoria, he was part of the Canadian basketball team which won the silver medal. He played five matches including the final. In the 1930s, Doug and his older brother Torchy (William) competed in six-day bike races. Torchy was inducted into the BC Sports Hall of Fame for cycling in 1966.

When Doug was 13 he won the provincial under-15 doubles tennis championship; at 18 the singles, doubles and mixed doubles for Vancouver Island. In 1936 he played rugby against the New Zealand All Blacks, distinguishing himself as the first Canadian to score against them while carrying two of his opposing team members on his back as he scored the try. Later the same year he played on Canada's Olympic Silver medal winning team.

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