Pratt-Short Memorial Scholarship

Alan Heath Pratt (1922-1955)

Alan Pratt was a bright man, who came to Victoria College in 1952 to study Fine Arts.  Unfortunately, Alan had polio and died before he finished his undergraduate degree.

Alan was born in Calgary, Alberta, and studied privately before enrolling at Victoria College.  His entry transcripts show that he was an able student.  He enrolled as a "partial student", and in his first year he studied English and History, and did quite well.  In his second year he studied English, Psychology and German, and did quite well in the first two courses but did not finish the course in German.  No doubt he was a rather unique sight, travelling from his Cook Street home to attend lectures in his wheelchair.  He also belonged to the United Church.

When Alan died, his father, Hugh B. Pratt, set up The Alan Pratt Memorial Scholarship.  The scholarship was embellished and the name was changed by Hugh Pratt's step-son, in 1980 as a memorial to both the Pratt and Short families.

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