Janet Person Legacy Award

Janet Person was a student at the University of Victoria. After graduating she served as the Admissions Officer, Faculty of Law for more than 31 years. Her duties at the Faculty of Law also included some time working in Financial Aid. During her time in Financial Aid she had the unique opportunity to understand the needs of law students, consider the aid available to the students and, with extensive Admissions Officer experience, worked to improve the university’s ability to support its law students. Because of Janet’s efforts while working in the Financial Aid office, law students are better supported than they were previously.

Janet grew up in a Northern community that included many Indigenous people. She witnessed first-hand how these people were often not treated well, and their culture and laws were not valued and respected. Land claims, treaty rights and justice for Indigenous people were important unresolved issues for her. The creation of the world’s first JD/JID program at UVic was a source of immense personal and professional pride for Janet. She was humbled, and honoured to be a part of this important program, admitting the first class of JD/JID students to UVic.

This gift is established in Janet’s name, to assist those Indigenous students who come to learn and grow, and make the world a better place for all.

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