Bonnie and Ken Putt Award

Ken and Bonnie Putt

In recognition of a life well lived, largely supported by Bonnie’s life-long encouragement and Ken’s successful career in engineering, there is a wish to encourage women, particularly those who have demonstrated natural leadership qualities, to gain a post-secondary education in engineering

Bonnie was a bright, vivacious natural leader; however, her parents discouraged her from pursuing a post-secondary education, likely as a teacher. Bonnie was a natural athlete and a compulsive volunteer. Her leadership-affirming volunteer highlight was at the Calgary 1988 Winter Olympics, where she co-chaired the International Broadcast Centre team of some 25 volunteers from CEO’s to care-givers. Bonnie’s natural leadership style was one of team building and collaboration. In Calgary she was the Ladies Captain at the Pinebrook Golf Club. Bonnie was appointed one of three golf course raters for Southern Alberta by the provincial golf regulatory body. After Bonnie and Ken retired to Victoria, Bonnie became the Ladies Captain at Royal Colwood Golf Club and she was Chair of the B.C. Ladies Golf Zone 5 where she coordinated ladies inter-club golf tournaments on Southern Vancouver Island. 

Ken’s parents always highly valued education and pointed him towards engineering as the first post-secondary student in the family. Ken attended pre-engineering at Victoria College prior to successfully completing a degree in metallurgical engineering at UBC. Ken had an interesting and multi-disciplinary career with Imperial Oil Limited where he rose to the executive ranks by age 36 and served in varied disparate roles in Canada and abroad prior to retiring and consulting in management of technological change.  

Ken is energized by new ideas, is an experienced corporate director and, as a creative leader, has helped found several national not-for-profit and collaborative new technology development and learning organizations. Ken is driven by opportunities to mentor younger executives and advise early stage organizations and assist established organizations attain the next level of achievement through active Board of Directors’ participation or engaged involvement.

Ken is a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering, the Canadian Society of Senior Engineers, Engineers Canada, the Engineering Institute of Canada, and Geoscientist Canada and is the recipient of two Engineering Institute of Canada Medals and numerous university and professional awards in recognition of his volunteer leadership.

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