Neville - Elworthy Men’s Rowing Equipment Endowment

2021-22 marks the establishment of the men’s and women’s Neville – Elworthy Rowing Equipment Endowments.  

John Neville graduated from the University of Victoria in 1969, at the age of 20, with a BA in Political Science. John was not only a member of the rowing team but played a significant role in establishing the program.

In the summer prior to attending UVic, John approached Mr. H.B. Elworthy, the owner of Victoria-based Island Tug and Barge to ask him for a donation to buy some equipment for the crew that would surely follow. Mr. Elworthy liked the vision and redirected some donor funds originally intended for university entry gates to found a fledgling rowing program, which flourished under the guidance of Olympian, Lorne Loomer.

The success of this request created untold opportunities for young men and women to internalize the traditions of discipline and excellence so deeply embedded in the fabric of this sport.

The first donation led to further donations by the Elworthy family, which included the first two Pocock fours and a Pocock eight that were brought in from Seattle, Washington, USA.

After graduating from UVic, John went on to study at Stanford University and received an MBA in 1975.

John Neville owns the Comox Valley Marina and has over 40 years of senior management and executive experience in shipping, aerospace and telecommunications. Throughout his career, John travelled extensively and lived and worked on four different continents.

The Elworthy family continued to make an impact on rowing over the years with members getting involved in both rowing and coaching at the high school and university levels. 

John Neville has helped to established the two Neville-Elworthy Rowing Equipment Fund to help sustain the future of the Vikes men’s and women’s rowing programs.

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