Dr. Norma Mickelson Legacy Scholarship

 Dr. Norma Mickelson

The legacy of Dr. Norma Mickelson’s vibrant career path began with a 15 year teaching position in the elementary school system in 1945. She went on to earn her Bachelor of Education from Victoria College in 1963, her University of Victoria Masters of Education in 1967, and as a University of Victoria faculty member, her PhD from the University of Washington. 

Dr. Mickelson was renowned for her valuable contributions to the field of education and to equity issues and as a result many titles and awards have been conferred upon her. Not only was she elected the first female dean of education, she was also the first woman president of the UVic Faculty Association, the university’s first advisor on equity issues, and the first female chancellor at the university. Dr. Mickelson holds two honourary degrees, and is a recipient of both the Order of British Columbia and the Order of Canada. In 1991 she received the inaugural Sarah Shorten Award for her work in the area of gender bias in university learning, teaching and research, and in 2004 she was made an Honourary Citizen of Victoria.

Dr. Mickelson passed away in 2022.

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