Mansell-McLellan Entrance Scholarship

Mike Mansell and Sonja McLellan attended the University of Victoria from 1990-1994 as undergraduate students pursuing a Computer Engineering degree.  Through a co-op work term position with other students for the Faculty of Fine Arts, Mike and Sonja helped create a data entry software program with commercial applications.  A few months later UWI Unisoft Wares was founded, later renamed PureEdge Solutions, and in 2005 acquired by IBM.  During their time working as part of a dynamic small company in a very competitive and volatile hi-tech field, they came to truly appreciate the significance of their time at the University of Victoria in equipping them for their future positions.  In particular the ability to learn and adapt under high pressure situations has been critical to their success.

Through their years in the software field, Mike and Sonja have recognized the importance of diversity, particularly in bringing different opinions and view points to the creation of new ideas.  They hope, with this Entrance Scholarship, to encourage and support young women entering a highly competitive technical field of study in the goal of contributing to this diversity.

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