Wilson S.C. Lai Scholarship

Wilson went back to Hong Kong to join in the family fabric business. During the Cultural Revolution in China, he and his family came to Victoria to visit a family friend. This friend introduced a real estate agent to them and a deal was struck to buy the Leland apartment block at the corner of Douglas and Bay Streets. This started the Lai family involvement in Canada. With the approaching of 1997 when Hong Kong was going to hand back to China, Wilson and his family immigrated to Canada. Wilson established Gala Fabrics in Victoria and Vancouver. At the same time, he and his brothers ventured into real estate development and investment business. Wilson was always grateful to Canada for the opportunity to come to this wonderful country. Upon his death in 2018, he willed his estate to the Trust he had founded, ‘Wilson Lai (2016) Trust’. It is Wilson’s wish to give back to Canada by donating the annual income from the Trust to worthwhile causes for years to come.

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