Peter Liddell Award in Humanities Computing

(formerly Humanities Computing Award)

The Humanities Computing and Media Centre established this award in 2006 with revenue generated by Half-Baked Software, Inc. and a small, one-time donation from conference revenues.

Half-Baked Software, Inc. was created in collaboration with the University's Innovation Development Corporation to commercialize innovative software developed by Stewart Arneil, Senior Programmer/Consultant, and Martin Holmes, Programmer/Consultant, Research and Development. Together, Martin and Stewart now have over 10 years of experience writing, releasing and maintaining academic software with Hot Potatoes, Quandary and other commercial and open-source projects. Half-Baked Software, Inc. has been successful in numerous ways, generating revenue while enhancing the profile of the Centre, the Faculty of Humanities and the university.

This award was renamed to honour Dr. Peter Liddell when he left his position as Director of the Humanities and Computing Media Centre in 2007.

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