George Lee Law Corporation Scholarship

Mr. Lee is the founding member of the George Lee Law Corp. He speaks fluent English and Mandarin, and also understands Cantonese. He originally graduated from Wuhan University, China, and then achieved an M.A. in English Literature from the University of Calgary in 1994. He was awarded Juris Doctor from UVic Law in 2000.

Mr. Lee was called to the British Columbia Bar in January 2002. For the past decade, Mr. Lee has represented clients in all level of courts and tribunals including BC Provincial Court, BC Supreme Court, Federal Court of Canada, and Immigration Appeal Division. He spends his free time writing, with his most recent autobiographical manuscript, Dancing in the River, receiving the 2021 Guernica Prize for Literary Fiction.

As an advocate for equal access to justice, Mr. Lee is very active in the community. He volunteers his time and expertise for legal aid services and organizations including the Law Society of British Columbia, the People’s Law School, and AM1320 Radio Station. He is also on the advisory committee of the Violence Against Minority Women Project 2010, funded by the BC Ministry of Attorney General.

Recently, Mr. Lee realized that our legal problems are only the tips of icebergs in our life problems. The latter is more complex, subtle and difficult to resolve and oftentimes there is no sense of justice. As a result of this shift in thinking, Mr. Lee delved into spiritual, philosophical, and psychological studies.

Mr. Lee believes that everyone is a success in every aspect of life and success is in your own mind and at hand and it is only a thought away. Mr. Lee is willing, happy and able to inspire you through his coaching to enable you to become one of the millions of success stories – only if you believe yourself.

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