Ana and Peter Lowens Scholarship in Victorian Literature

Ana and Peter have always shared a love of reading, learning and exploring the world of literature. After reading A Tale of Two Cities in grade 10, Peter's love of Dickens and the Victorians was bom and ultimately led him to complete his master's degree in Victorian literature at York University. He then took his BEd degree and enjoyed a 33-year teaching career. Peter's ongoing interest in Dickens and his original illustrators can be seen in the Special Collections of the UVic library where his collection has been digitized, and many of his letters have also been donated to the library.

Ana is an avid reader of fiction in general, and mystery fiction in particular. She arrived in Canada in 1976 from Portugal and books have always been a major part of her life. She worked for the Ontario government in finance until her retirement. In 2013, the couple moved to British Columbia from Toronto and began their association with UVic by taking Continuing Education courses. Peter audited three courses at UVic and Ana will be joined him as an audit student in 2018.

Ana and Peter both have a desire to continue to read and to learn. "It is our pleasure to support the University of Victoria and its outstanding teachers with this scholarship."

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