Bibi K. Khan Award

Bibi K. Khan was born March 3, 1936 in the small Pakhtun village of Hawagali, Pakistan.  As a child, Bibi was home-schooled by her parents who valued education. Bibi looked up to her parents with great admiration, and was doted on particularly by her father. He had many roles in the village, one of which was defense counsel. He was sought out to defend the 'little guy', never losing a case. In 1959, Bibi immigrated to Canada and raised a family of seven daughters. She always valued fairness, equality, courage and respect for all. She was compassionate and kind to those who were in need. These values were instilled in Bibi in her early years and exemplified throughout her life right up until her return to the Creator in August, 2021. Bibi enjoyed life, and in her 80s never hesitated walking through the playground and stopping to take a ride on the swings. Bibi's motto was the importance of two things in life: "good health and freedom".

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