Dr. Toby Jackman Book Prize in British History

Sydney (Toby) Jackman, 1925-2011

Jackman taught at Harvard, Philips Exeter and Bates College before being appointed Associate Professor of History at the University of Victoria in 1964, where he remained until his retirement in 1990. At U. Vic. Professor Jackman has served as Acting Head, Dept. of History (1971-1972), Director of Liberal Studies (1975-1978), Acting Chairman, Dept. of Creative Writing (1976-1977) and Acting Chairman of the Dept. of Slavonic Studies, as well as numerous committees, including the Arts and Science Committee, Buildings Committee, Curriculum Committee, dean’s Advisory Committee, Faculty Advisory Committee, Language Requirement Committee, Summer Session Committee, Symposium Committee, Tenure Committee and the University Review Committee.

Professor Jackman has published numerous articles and books on various aspects of world history. The books he has written or edited include David Bates Douglass: The Campaign of 1814 (Cromlech Press, Bala, 1958); Lord Bolingbroke: Idea of a Patriot King (Bobbs-Merrill Inc., Sept. 1965); Man of Mercury, An Appreciation of the Mind of Lord Bolingbroke (Pall Mall, London, 1965); American Voyageur: Journal of David Bates Douglass edited with John F. Freeman (Marquette, Michigan, 1969); Romanov Relations (Macmillan Co., London, 1969); Portraits of the Premiers (Sidney, B.C.: Gray’s Publishing Co., 1969); A Middle Passage (Boston Atheneum, 1970); Vancouver Island (Newton Abbott, England, David & Charles Ltd., 1972); The Men at Cary Castle (Victoria: Morriss Printing Co., 1972); Nicholas Cardinal Wiseman (Five Lamps, Ireland: University of Virginia Press, Charlottesville, VA, 1977); A Slave to Duty (Hawthorn Press, Melbourne, Australia, 1979); The People’s Princess (The Kensal Press, Bourne End, Buckinghamshire, U.K., May 1984); and A Stranger in The Hague (Duke University Press, Durham, North Carolina, U.S.A., 1989).

Professor Jackman has been widely praised by former students for his lively and enthusiastic lectures and for his encouragement of scholarship. A recent article entitled “Toby Jackman: Gentleman Scholar”, by Wayne Melvin, appeared in the Spring 1991 issue of the U. Vic. Torch.


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