Leonard and Eileen Hamilton Scholarship in Spanish & Italian Studies

Leonard and Eileen Hamilton, as was the story of so many in their generation, met during World War II. Leonard, a prairie boy, met Eileen while stationed in England. After the war they returned to Canada eventually settling in Victoria, British Columbia, for the rest of their long lives. With children to raise early in their relationship, opportunities to pursue schooling were limited, however, recognizing the value of education, both Leonard and Eileen were avid readers and pursued lifelong self-learning.

In their later years, Leonard and Eileen were able to support their grandson, Tony Giovando, as he completed his undergraduate (B.A. Hispanic & Italian Studies 1998) and graduate (MPA 2004) degrees at the University of Victoria. No longer with us, Leonard and Eileen would be pleased to know they continue to support the pursuit of higher education.

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