Mina Hoorfar Award for Women in Engineering and Computer Science and Mina Hoorfar Award for Indigenous Students in Engineering and Computer Science

Mina Hoorfar is a Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Victoria where she leads the MiNa lab, one of only a few digital microfluidic research teams in Canada. She is known nationally and internationally for her research and innovation in the areas of flow in microstructures, straddling the fields of fluid mechanics, biochemistry, and fabrication of biosensors and gas sensors. Her research has resulted in wide and varied applications, such as easier and faster detection of pathogens in drinking water, and optimization of therapeutic cancer treatments.

Dr. Hoorfar believes strongly that engineering and computer scientists have the skills to solve the world’s most challenging problems. She is interested in supporting multidimensional students who historically have been excluded from the field and who are interested not solely in achieving high academic standings but aspire to use their degree to empower themselves to help others.

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