Greater Victoria Chamber 1863 Impact Award

The Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce has spent over 160 years working with business leaders to build good business and great community for all. As the leading champion of business in southern Vancouver Island, The Chamber is investing in future business leaders through the Greater Victoria Chamber 1863 Impact Award.

Since the organization's founding, The Chamber has been at the forefront of change and progress, working to ensure the growth andprosperity of our region.  As a collective of over 1,300 members, The Chamber represents the voice of trade and commerce across Greater Victoria. It serves as a critical connection point between the government and the private sector, advocating for key concerns shared by all areas of our community. The Chamber also connects members to each other, creating a vast network of diverse companies and individuals working toward common goals.

While The Chamber constantly adapts and evolves to fulfill the changing needs of Greater Victoria, it maintains its steadfast support of education. In 2023, The Chamber reinforced this support by establishing the Greater Victoria Chamber 1863 Impact Award. As key figures in our economy's future, our youth will become the leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs who will change the world. As always, The Chamber hopes to support that journey.

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